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Dynalec Shipboard Announcing Equipment Gray Permanent Magnet Loudspeaker


New surplus Dynalec LS678/SIC loudspeaker. Please view pictures as part of your description. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I’m sure we can come to an agreement. Doesn’t fit, changed mind, etc. I will never intentionally misrepresent anything I have listed. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Dynalec Ls-387/sic 61716-200 Shipboard Loudspeaker, Gray, Internal Volume


DYNALEC LS-387/SIC 61716-200 SHIPBOARD LOUDSPEAKER, GRAY, INTERNAL VOLUME. Approved Parts List Numbers. Designed to provide clear and intelligible reproduction of speech and alarm signals. Lab-tested to demonstrate survivability and operability after exposure to multiple gun blasts and to the stresses common to sea-going vessels, such as humidity, salt spray, temperature, shock, and vibration. Compatible with… (read more)