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Brass Hatch Wheel from USS Briscoe DD-977


There were very few brass deck hatch wheels on the Briscoe and Deyo. Most where stamped steel. This is a rare item and will polish up beautifully. Mount it on a nice display board with a small plaque. This is a rare Briscoe item. The item “Brass Hatch Wheel from USS Briscoe DD-977″ is in… (read more)

USS Deyo DD-989, USS Briscoe DD-977 PT-490A/UYA-4(V) Radar Data, Plotting Board


As removed from either the Deyo or the Briscoe for the battlestations 21 project for the us navy. This unit was removed from consoles on both ships. The last picture shows one of the complete units. This unit is really neat. All the wiring and the lights are intact and if you are handy with… (read more)