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Secret Operation Fine Art by Artist Robert Taylor


“Secret Operation” By Artist, Robert Taylor Limited to 700 prints Edition #: 96/700. Size: 19.63″ x 17.5″ (50 x 44.5 cm) Includes the Certificate of Authenticity. Signed by Vice-Admiral Sir Michael Lumby, Vice-Admiral Sir Ian Mcgeoch, Vice-Admiral Sir Ian Mcintosh, Commander Edward Young, and Artist Robert Taylor. Dipping beneath the blue waves with grey clouds… (read more)

29 WOODEN TALL SHIP MODEL 16th Century HMS SOVEREIGN of the Seas Collectable


A unique bowsprit design that consists of: brass statues and crafted brass ornaments on the panels. The front bowsprit and three large masts are connected securely using advanced rigging and lines painstakingly knotted and fastened by hand. Each yard has an attached hand-stitched rolled-up sails made of fine linen. On the deck, there are metal… (read more)