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R. M. S. Missanabie Silk Woven Postcard Hands Across The Sea Rare Refmacd210


MISSANABIE – SILK WOVEN POSTCARD “HANDS ACROSS THE SEA” RARE REF:MACD210. “HANDS ACROSS THE SEA”. REF-MACD: 210 VH:S. Postcard is stored in an acid free vinyl sleeve for its preservation and prevention of any further deterioration. It should be continued to be housed in this manner. As described below the Missanabie was sunk on the… (read more)

USSR Destroyer Bedov Kildin Big rocket ship Military Navy Fleet Warship Sailor


100% OLD USSR ORIGINAL! Very good for collection! Size – 41 x 30 cm. The album has 28 sheets (56 pages). Between the pages in the album – on thin sheets of tracing paper – drawings are drawn. «» 56- (56-), «» («Kildin»). 30 1952 «» , 1 1953 , 1204, 445 56; 56. 19… (read more)