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Rare Antique U. S. Navy Foredeck Bell Dating from the Turn of the 20th Century


Dating from the Turn of the 20th Century. Recently restored & polished at great expense. Crown, 9 3/4 dia. Fore sale is this beautiful very rare pre-wwII. These are getting extremely hard to find and usually do not have all the correct hardware with them. The hardware is just as hard to find as the… (read more)

OpenROV v2.8 kit with Hard Case


Since then other things have gotten in the way, so I have decided to simply sell the project. The equipment comes with everything I received when I bought the full kit including the motors, batteries, chargers and electronics (Beaglebone Black, Arduino-based board, wiring harness, tether, etc). I have taken photos of the gear as posted,… (read more)