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LARGE 46 Custom Hand Made Wood Submarine Model (Floating) One of a Kind OOAK


Approximately 4 ft long! Nice looking and unusual custom made wood submarine model. I’m not sure but I believe the 2-litter bottles are drilled out in a way to allow enough water in to submerge the model halfway. I don’t know if it is suitable for water but I don’t know why it would have… (read more)

RAIMONDO MONTECUCCOLI Italian cruiser recognition ID model 1500 like Framburg


Beautiful 1:500 scale waterline model of Italian cruise Raimondo Montecuccoli, 1937. Length of the model is 14.5. Was displayed, but in as new condition. Box’s lid is slightly warped and needs to be a bit forced to close or open. This model was hand built by marine artist Alexander Scherbak from thoroughly and expertly selected… (read more)