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Engine Room Indicator Henschel Corp US Navy Ship STBD Engine Order Indicator


STBD ENGINE ORDER INDICATOR. Date unknown – seems like WWII or shortly thereafter. Case body approx 6-1/2 on sides. The lower left of the tag bears a stamp of the American eagle below three stars. With a shied on center of body. Condition notes: Indicator is covered in multiple layers of thick paint, screws from… (read more)

Handmade Ship’s Model of the Cutty Sark


The Cutty Sark, built in 1869 at Dumbarton, Scotland, is available as a FULLY ASSEMBLED model. This model comes with no sails. The model measures 34 1/2″ long by 12″ wide and 24 1/2 tall. Master craftsmen using historical photographs, drawings or original plans meticulously handcraft these highly detailed wood models from scratch. They are… (read more)