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A Highly Detailed Model Of The Ironclad CSS VIRGINIA Confederate Warship


A Beautiful, Highly Detailed Model of The CSS Virginia L72. Virginia was a confederate ironclad warship that fought the U. Monitor in the Battle of Hampton Roads during the Civil War in 1862. It played a major role in the Civil War defending the Gosport Navy Yard from the Union invasion. It is a FULLY… (read more)

HMS Surprise Tall Ship Model 37 Master & Commander with Table Top Display Case


This HMS Surprise model is fully assembled and ready for display (not a kit). You will have to install the model into the display case. The task required skillful craftsmen 100s hours to accomplish. Size Model: 37″ overall L x 31″ H x 12″ W, Size Display Case: 40″ L x 39.25″ H x 13.75″… (read more)